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Talha Uysal

Junior Environment & Character Artist

Hello, I am Talha Uysal. I am a newly graduated, 3D artist. My interest in the 3D design field started in high school, and I have been continuing to develop myself in the field of 3D design. I graduated from Istanbul Topkapi University - Computer Aided Design and Animation department in 2022 to shape my future in this field, and since then, I have been striving to work in the field of 3D design.

During my university studies, I developed myself in 3D design, animation, and graphic design courses. To improve myself, I educated myself using various online resources, courses, and books about 3D design. As a result, I learned to use various 3D design tools.

Currently, I want to start my career as a freelance 3D artist. I am excited to develop myself in the field of 3D design and work on many different projects. So far, I have not worked on any projects, but I have worked on many personal projects using the tools and techniques I have learned.

The most important thing for me is to constantly improve myself. Therefore, I always strive to learn new techniques, use new tools, and improve my designs. I also take the time to follow innovations in the 3D design field, understand industry trends, and examine the work of professionals in this field.

My goal is to develop myself in the field of 3D design to offer creative, impactful, and realistic visual experiences.



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